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how Barnamala is used

To show you how full pages of text can be generated in Barnamala, we have put up a small (but, hopefully, growing) collection Bangla poems and lyrics. They are here for you enjoyment as well.

You may even copy the English version of the text, and use it within your own copy of Barnamala to generate the Bangla text.

Please click on the following links to see what we mean:

Send us your content . . .

If you have text in English that is "Barnamala-ready" or if you have Bangla text in Adarshalipi, saved as a *.rtf file, please send it to us. We will be delighted to showcase your contribution and give you credit for it as well.

Please cite author and credits. Original contributions are welcome; but please understand that they are subject to editorial review.

Contact us if you would like to contribute.

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