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Poem - Tokhon Satyi Manush Chhilaam

t'akhan sat'yi maanush' chhilaam
        - aasaad' choudh'uree.


nad'eer jale aagun chhilo
aagun chhilo bri'sh'tit'e
aagun chhilo beeraanganaar
ud'aas-karaa d'ri'sh'tit'e.

aagun chhilo gaaner sure
aagun chhilo kaabye,
maraar chokhe aagun chhilo
e-kath'aa ke bhaababe ?

kukur-ber'aal th'aabaa h(n)aakaay
ph(n)ose saaper phan'aa
shin` koi maachh rukhe d'(n)aar'aay
jbale baalir kan'aa .

aagun chhilo mukt'isenaar
sbapna-dhaler banyaay -
prat'ibaad'er prabal jhar'e
k(n)aapachhilo sab anyaay .

ekhan e-sab sbapna kath'aa
d'oorer shonaa galpa,
t'akhan sat'yi maanush' chhilaam
ekhan aachhi alpa ..

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