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Chitto jeta bhoyshunya - a poem by Rabindranath Tagore

chit't' j'eth'aa bhayashunya
- rabeend'ranaath' thakur

chit't'a j'eth'aa bhayashunya, uchcha j'eth'aa shir

gyaan j'eth'aa mukt'a, j'eth'aa gri'her praacheer

aapan praanganat'ale d'ibas-sharbaree

basudh'aare rakhe naai khanda ksh'ud'ra kari,

j'eth'aa baakya hri'd'ayer u/tsamukh hat'e

uchchhasiyaa uthe, j'eth'aa nirbaachit'a srot'e

d'eshe d'eshe d'ishe d'ishe karmadh'aaraa dh'aay

ajasra sahasrabidh'a charit'aarth'at'aay,

j'eth'aa t'uchchha aachaarer marubaaluraashi

bichaarer srot'apath' phele naai graasi -

pourush'ere kareni shat'adh'aa, nit'ya j'eth'aa

t'umi sarba karma-chint'aa-aanand'er net'aa,

nija hast'e nird'ay aaghaat' kari pit':,

bhaarat'ere sei sbarge karo jaagrat'a ..


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