Barnamala is simple!

If you type the letters K A M A L, Barnamala will display the following —

Kamal in Bangla script
As easy as that.

You type in English as you would pronounce the Bengali words. Barnamala displays the corresponding Bengali text.

Here is a screenshot (in a new browser window/tab), which shows the interface of Barnamala and gives you a feel for how it works.

As you type the English letters, Barnamala outputs the corresponding Bangla letters in real-time! No separate conversion operation is required. Barnamala’s unique auto-convert feature will have you believe you are typing in Bangla!

Barnmala is versatile . . .

With a registered version of Barnamala, you can compose Bengali text (as you would do in your favorite word processing application) and then, print it, or copy the Bangla text to:

  • your favorite word processor (such as MS Word and others)
  • a graphics program (such as Adobe Photoshop and others)
  • email, web authoring tools — just as you would with any other document based on TrueType fonts.

Barnamala . . .

  • is an intelligent, context-sensitive phonetic-algorithm-based software
  • supports typing in both Bengali and English within the same document
  • allows basic formatting of text, including changes in font face, as well as size and color
  • supports ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ functions
  • permits pasting of external documents into a Barnamala document
  • lets you copy a part of (or the whole) a Barnamala document and paste it in other applications (e.g., MS Word, Photoshop, etc.)*
  • comes with a built-in Help system
  • includes three sets of TrueType fonts**
  • can be customized for other Bengali fonts**

* Licensed version only.
** Coming soon, in Barnamala 3.

System requirements . . .

Barnamala works only on Windows operating systems.