How To

Here are your step-by-step instructions —

  1. Install the Adarshalipi font

    Before you install Barnamala, you must have the Adarshalipi family of fonts to make Barnamala work. The font set is free and is available at
    The compressed file contains the following six *.TTF font files:

    • LIPI_C.TTF
    • LIPI_E.TTF

    You should be able to extract all of these files by right-clicking on the compressed folder (i.e., click on the filename of the downloaded file, with the right button of your mouse), and then choosing “Extract All…

    Click on the Windows Start button, select Control Panel, then double-click on the Fonts icon. (If you don’t see the Fonts icon, please read the next paragraph.) Next, you will see the Fonts window open up. Now, drag and drop the six *.TTF files into this Fonts window. That’s it! That should install the necessary fonts on your system.

    [If you don’t see the Fonts icon in your Control Panel (but you can see Pick a category instead), here is what you should do — Click on Switch to Classic View on the left-hand column. In the classic view, you should see the Fonts icon. Double-click on the Fonts icon to open up the Fonts window. Then, drag and drop the six *.TTF files into this Fonts window to install the required fonts.]

    Check for a correct installation: To verify that you installed the font correctly, please refresh/reload this web page first. If you have the fonts installed correctly, you will be able to read the following test line in Bangla. Otherwise, it will appear to be gibberish, much like this — hZÑj¡m¡ : h¡wm¡ V¡Cf Ll¡l pqSaj Ef¡uz.

    Test line:     hZÑj¡m¡ : h¡wm¡ V¡Cf Ll¡l pqSaj Ef¡uz

    If you can read this test line in Bangla, you have the fonts installed correctly. Congratulations!

    For a confirmation (optional), you may also open a word processor program like MS Word and look for the Adarshalipi and Lipi fonts in the word processor’s font selection tool. (Look for the font selection tool in the menu bar in the top panel.) In it, you should see AdarshaLipiExp and two other fonts in the same family, and also LipiExp and two more fonts in its family as choices for your MS Word fonts.

  2. Install the free version of Barnamala

    After you have installed the Adarshalipi family of fonts, you should install the FREE version of Barnamala, available at

    Please be aware that Barnamala runs only on the Windows operating system. Also, downloading the software indicates your agreement to the terms of usage. Please do not acquire the software if you do not agree with the terms of usage.